Kids deserve wonderful, life affirming stories that change and inform how they see the world - stories that surprise and delight, to spark their imaginations. That's where we come in.

What we do

Dog Ears is an award-winning creative studio who believe in the power of stories on paper, devices, and screens of all sizes. We’re based in Derry in the North of Ireland and bring our stories and characters to life across media and platforms worldwide.

We're passionate about the work we create, and our company was born from a desire to make beautiful engaging content for children that we would love in our own homes.

We've published picture books and released Ireland’s first children’s book app, and co-produced two series of our emmy-nominated pre-school show, Puffin Rock, with partners Cartoon Saloon and Penguin Random House.

Our joy-filled new show, Saturday Club, is all about empathy, and is now streaming worldwide on Hopster...



Our background is in publishing and several of our projects started out life in print (that's where we got our name). As much as we love a good ole book, we explore the potential of digital across all our IPs. Our "Miss Rosie Red" app was Ireland's first picture book app and took the number one "What's Hot" spot on the iTunes store!



Join our happy, creative team to make world class animation! We're crewing up with our partners Cartoon Saloon on an exciting new 2D TV series, for the latest jobs click here...

In the coming weeks we will require Background Artists, Scene Prep Artists and super Animators to join the Dog Ears team. All roles will be based in our Derry studio but can begin remotely until it's safe to be together.

Welcome to Puffin Rock!

Puffin Rock follows the adventures of Oona, her little brother Baba and their family and friends on a gorgeous and wild Irish island. Oona and Baba, our cute sister and brother puffling pair, explore Puffin Rock with their best friends who help them in and out of trouble on a daily basis. Puffin Rock stories are rich in natural history and told in a lush, unique visual style.

The award winning pre-school TV series Puffin Rock (2 seasons, 79 x 7 min episodes) enjoys international success (nominated for an International Emmy, winner of two Kidscreen Awards and a Royal Television Award) and has been a huge hit with pre-school audiences. Puffin Rock has been acquired by various international broadcasters including a global deal with Netflix, and a Chinese acquisition by China Nebula Group (CNB). Puffin Rock broadcasts on Tencent in China, where it has been streamed over 170 million times.

The Puffin Rock Movie is now in production, the latest adventure for these charismatic Puffins!

Saturday Club!

Saturday Club is a pre-school show all about empathy - the magical ability to feel what other people feel - and the power it has to change how children see the world, and understand themselves in the process.

Tian, Jo, Suzy and Jamie huddle together in their Den each Saturday. Their imaginations light up as they discuss their week, and they make sense of the world together. The kids adventures in empathy provide them with new insights, and they bounce out of the Den to play outside with a fresh view of the world.

We've partnered with Hopster to produce Saturday Club, and the first 6 episodes of the show launched worldwide in April 2019, topping ratings on Hopster. Our companion app, a fun exploration of empathy for children and parents, was featured in the US and UK App Stores. We're now working on plans for the full Saturday Club series...


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